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The Cinema is a Community resource and is run by a voluntary Board of Directors on a not for profit basis and relies on audience support for all our events.

We are  normally open from Wednesday to Sunday showing films . We also have a fully equipped stage for live events.

We are always interested in hearing from anyone who can offer assistance on a regular or periodic basis to cover for busy performances.

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Your Cinema Needs You
If you have an interest in films and all things cinematic and would like to contribute more fully in the running of the Cinema why not join us and become a Board Member. We welcome suggestions and ideas to ensure the continuing success of our wonderful Cinema. Please check out membership of the Board on the Company News page.

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Showing: 19:00
Rating: 15
Stars: Hugh Jackman, Sir Patrick Stewart
Director: James Mangold
Running Time: 135 minutes

Years after the battle during X-Men: Days of Future Past, the mutants must protect a girl against evil forces.

Logan is aging. His rapid healing powers are failing, and the once powerful force of nature is becoming weaker. Where before he could fight harder and more brutally than anyone else, Wolverine has become ravaged with battle scars, and he knows that his mutation is slowly fading.



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