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The Cinema is a Community resource and is run by a voluntary Board of Directors on a not for profit basis and relies on audience support for all our events.

We are  normally open from Wednesday to Sunday showing films . We also have a fully equipped stage for live events.

We are always interested in hearing from anyone who can offer assistance on a regular or periodic basis to cover for busy performances.

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Your Cinema Needs You
If you have an interest in films and all things cinematic and would like to contribute more fully in the running of the Cinema why not join us and become a Board Member. We welcome suggestions and ideas to ensure the continuing success of our wonderful Cinema. Please check out membership of the Board on the Company News page.

Showing Today

Terminator Genisys 3D

Showing: 19:00
Rating: 12A
Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Director: Alan Taylor
Running Time: 126 minutes
The war against the machines continues in the year 2029. John Connor, the leader of the resistance, sends his loyal lieutenant, Kyle Reese, back to 1984 to save his mother from being killed by a Terminator that has been programmed to destroy her, preventing John from ever being born.

Despite successfully travelling back through time, Reese discovers that life in the past is not what they expected...

As the war rages on, John’s fears of an unknown future for the world become known when he gets word from undercover TECOM spies that Skynet has hatched a new plan. The ploy aims to attack John in both the future and the past, in order to permanently change the face of the warfare.

Meanwhile, Reese must work together with John’s mother and an aging Terminator in the past, to do whatever they can from preventing “Judgement Day” from ever happening.



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